Montana Phone Number Lookup

Montana Area Codes and Their Locations

Knowing Montana’s area code can help you differentiate local calls from those originating outside the state. This can be an important difference when looking out for phone scams and frauds. As Montana only has one area code, residents can easily recall and recognize it. Identifying unknown callers using reverse phone lookup services can also help Montana residents avoid scammers.

The single area code currently active in Montana is:

406 - Location

Who Controls Montana Area Codes?

The Montana Public Service Commission is responsible for the management and future introduction of new area codes. To address the growing demand for new numbers, number pooling measures were adopted by the Commission to guarantee the economical utilization of the current area code.

Where is Area Code 406?

Area code 406 was one of the original 86 codes created in 1947 by AT&T and the Bell Company. It covered the entire Montana state and it is still the only area code that serves the area. Several counties lie within this area code including Yellowstone, Missoula, and  Flathead. Billings. Missoula, Great Falls, and Bozeman cities also fall within area code 406.